2017.03.21. Hey guys! :) I gonna start to record Suzume's new voicebank.

2016.04.30. Hey Guys! ^^ I haven't got much free time so the info in short: In the summer (we) the HUGloids're going to make new covers and new version of our utaus :) Please wait for us,because we haven't got much free time. :/ Thank you! ^^

/Xsonix Szabados/


Hi guys! ^^ I want to share wit you a few informations. Suzume & Tomuneko's JP CV & VCV is cooming soon in early summer (June 2016). Please don't angry at me ;-; I haven't got free time,'cause I have a lot of tests.


My second news: In June Suzume (and maybe Tomuneko too) are going to have an Esperanto (CV & VCV) and a Full-Hungarian Voicebank.I hope you look forward for this. *--*

Thank you! Xsonix